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Engine Dyno Tuning Adelaide - Stanley Racing Engines

Stanley Racing Engines Dyno Room

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After 3 years of investing time & money into this project, in 2016 The Stanley Brothers opened their brand new state-of-the-art Engine Dyno Facility. Having this facility up & running is a pleasing development for many in the field of Australian motor racing. Race teams now have access to one of the most advanced engine tuning facilities in the world.

Kevin & Trevor Stanley have a long time association with all kinds of motorsport including Drag Racing, Speedway, Circuit Racing & Trevor has been a long time competitor in powerboat racing around Australia. As such the importance of performance and reliability is obvious. Their engine building theory has always been reliability & value for money; as to finish 1st. 1st you have to finish.

The results speak for themselves, the pinnacle for Trevor being his 2-time back to back Unlimited Displacement Australian Championships on board his 21ft modified Everingham race boat 'Agent Orange' which of course is powered by a Stanley Racing Engines 555cui PSI supercharged big block Chev.

Get the best out of what you've got

When it comes to getting the best out of a race engine, Stanley Racing Engines are now more equipped than ever. The new state of the art Land & Sea Dyno & custom built test cell with Dynomax software allows for ex el lent repeatability for engine development & tuning.

Stanley Automotive

Stanley Race Engines has a wealth of experience in tuning from small cubic inch carburettor engines to 2500HP+ supercharged big block engines.

Stanley Racing Engines has an excellent relationship with several specialist engine machine shops, cylinder head modification experts & high performance parts suppliers both here & the United States. Engine building projects are completed in the shortest amount of time possible, which means you can get back on the street or the race track sooner!

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